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Wind Speed & Direction Indicators

  • 1260 - Davis Wind-Tels - 2-Pack

    1260 Davis Wind-Tels 2-Pack

    DAVIS WIND-TELS 2 PACKManufacturer's Part Number: 1260Wind-TelsPort and starboard colored tales mount on any shroud sizes up to 3/8" 10mm. The unique method of attachment prevents sliding or fouling of your Wind-Tels on the shrouds. Effective at any...

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  • 1295 - Davis Black Max Wind Direction Indicator

    1295 Davis Black Max Wind Direction Indicator

    DAVIS BLACK MAX WIND DIRECTION INDICATORManufacturer's Part Number: 1295Black Max Wind Direction IndicatorBlack Max is a versatile, high performance wind direction indicator that attaches quickly to the mast or boom. The tough high impact plastic vane is...

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  • 1450 - Davis Telo-Cat

    1450 Davis Telo-Cat

    DAVIS TELO-CAT Manufacturer's Part Number: 1450 Telo-CatDesigned especially for catamarans, the Davis Telo-Cat is durable and highly visible. Installs on the headstay bridle in seconds; easily removed for trailering no tools required. Comes complete with...

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  • 1452 - Davis Black Max or Telo-Cat Spare Vane

    1452 Davis Black Max or Telo-Cat Spare Vane

    DAVIS BLACK MAX OR TELO-CAT SPARE VANE Manufacturer's Part Number: 1452 Extra Vane for Telo-Cat and Black MaxReplacement vane for Telo-Cat and Black Max. Tough high-impact plastic vane with visible trim markings. Disclaimer: Descriptions and pictures are...

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  • 3120 - Davis Windex 10.Sport Wind Vane

    3120 Davis Windex 10.Sport Wind Vane

    DAVIS WINDEX 10 SPORTManufacturer's Part Number: 3120Windex 10.SportWith the introduction of the Windex 10.Sport, Windex wind vanes continue to offer exceptional performance at the best value of any wind indicator worldwide. The secret is in the sapphire...

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