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Website Prices Vs. eBay/Amazon

Website Prices Vs. eBay/Amazon

Posted by Maxwell T. Manatee on Jul 30th 2019

I'd like to preface this by thanking all of our customers. Thank you for your patronage, and your trust in this relatively new mom and pop operation. With that said, I wish more of you would buy directly from our website instead of eBay or Amazon. You save money that way, because you're not paying the added cost of eBay and Amazon fees, and Max makes a few cents more as well. The sad truth is that on eBay and Amazon orders Max averages less than 1% on each sale.

Customer savings are especially true with multiple item purchases.

A gentleman this morning bought four of the Scotty 280-WH Bait Caster/Spinning Rod Holders from us on eBay for a total of $103.60.

Had he purchased them directly from, they would have cost him only $84.64. Same high quality product. Same fast and free shipping. Same great Manatee Max service. The only difference is that he wouldn't have had to pay the middleman.

The multiple items purchased do not need to be all the same thing to qualify for the discounts!

Max loves all of his customers regardless of how they choose to buy, but.... if you'd rather have an extra $18.96 in your pocket, come see us at

280-WH - Scotty 280 Bait Caster/Spinning Rod Holder w/241 Deck/Side Mount - White