Aunt D's Diner

Aunt D's Diner

Posted by Maxwell T. Manatee on May 01, 2021

If you've read Max's blogs, you know Max and Pearl love our local eateries -- some, more than others.

A while ago, we were making our way east on Jensen Beach Boulevard, and we noticed the signage for one of our favorite restaurants .... was gone. We were very disappointed. While Max and Pearl love to eat out, there's a certain niche of restaurant which really appeals most to us. 

And, it's not MacTGITuesdayFlanniChillOutbackLobsterGarden.

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We love the ones that are smaller, that are owned by an actual human who loves and cares for it, it's staff and the quality of their customers' experience.

Here's the awesome part of this tale. Aunt D's didn't close. It relocated.

Now, Aunt D's great food and service is at 2891 SE Ocean Blvd., Stuart, FL 34996

Check out Aunt D's website, and definitely....

Go get some food.

Aunt D's Diner